Scent, texture & sheen - Perspective brings new dimensions to 3D Printing

This month we celebrate 3 years since kickstarting the Proto-pasta brand.  At that time, we approached 3D Printing as engineers with a laser focus on material performance and quality, but little consideration for aesthetic and user experience.  This month, I introduce to you 3 new materials with more depth and dimension: scent, texture, and sheen.  

Consider mass manufactured plastic parts.  We are removed from the scent of melted plastic and have more texture and sheen choice, right?  To unlock the potential of 3D Printing, we need more finish choice and a more pleasant process of making!  Printing in shiny, stinky plastic just doesn't cut it!!!  That's why we've evolved our perspective over the last 3 years to keep performance in mind while further considering scent, texture, and sheen for 3D Printing.

This month, we share the results of our latest experiments with you.  Matte Fiber HTPLA offers low luster texture in a wider variety of colors and with higher performance than many existing wood and ceramic 3D Printing composite filaments.  Alternatively, Aromatic HTPLA adds heat activated scent for your further printing and heat treating enjoyment.  Cool parts have no scent, but are left with an incomparable natural color and texture.

This holiday season, please enjoy our latest attempt to challenge convention and improve the printing experience!  Aromatic Cinnamon accompanies Coffee while gray and green expand out Matte Fiber color choices beyond red, white, blue, and black.  Get your today and make something special for someone special :-)

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The Amazing Matte Fiber

Proto-pasta founders, Dustin and Aaron Cram, lead the 3D Printing Industry by introducing Carbon Fiber and High Temp PLAs nearly 3 years ago.  Today, Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber is still a fan favorite for it's quality and iconic matte black finish, but what if you could get that Carbon Fiber look in colors and without special nozzles?

Introducing the latest innovation from the ProtoPlant team, Proto-pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA, a more colorful, lower wear alternative to Carbon Fiber.  Fall in love with that fiber texture and sheen all over again, but with more color choice and less nozzle wear.  It's a perfect match for your many sculptural, architectural, and technical parts.

The majority of 3D Printed parts are glossy and smooth, but the rest of our world has more texture and sheen variety.  Look around, on your desk, at home, and in your car.  What do you see?  More texture and less gloss than in 3D Printing, right?  Why shouldn't 3D printed parts have more texture and less gloss too?

Based on Proto-pasta's HTPLA resin, Matte Fiber HTPLA can be heat treated for higher temperature performance. The addition of plant-based fibers, reduces dimensional change during the heat treating process compared to standard HTPLA.  Matte Fiber HTPLA can also be smoothed by carving or shaving with a sharp edge as well as glued, sealed, and painted more easily than most plastic thanks to it's more wood-like characteristics.

Whether you use Matte Fiber HTPLA for it's beautiful as printed finish, or push the boundaries of possibility through heat treating, machining critical features, or sealing surfaces, and so on, you'll appreciate the many possibilities of Matte Fiber HTPLA.

This month only, the code MATTEFIBER gets you a $5 introductory discount on a spool of Matte Fiber HTPLA.

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"We make good stuff!"

With the constant introduction of new manufacturers, printers, hardware, filaments, and users, the 3D printing experience can vary from "awesome" to "awful".  My experience leans towards awesome, but there are days when a printer just wants to extrude a ball of micro-filament or nothing at all, rather than parts.  Super-frustrating!

So, we've been thinking a lot about why we have a mostly positive experience.  Certainly, being technical people, experienced in building and operating machines helps.  Having mostly name-brand printers, though not a guarantee of success, doesn't hurt either.   Finally, we have an unlimited supply of quality, Proto-pasta filament.

"We make good stuff!"  It's true.  You might complain Proto-pasta is expensive, but you'd never say it's low quality.  All the extra stuff we add is fun, but it's expensive, and sometimes all you need is affordable quality.  Enter Easy Printing, Everyday PLA.  Our most basic product, made with care by ProtoPlant.

So reliable.  So many uses.  Samples are free.  Only $14.99/spool...everyday.  Awesome!

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Rusty Metal March - more affordable metal printing for fun with magnetism & rust!

At ProtoPlant, we've gotten really good at compounding and extruding metal composites into filament.  We've been able to reduce our cost on Iron PLA, and we wanted to share the love so we dropped the price from $48 to $35.  Celebrate Rusty Metal March with us!

Proto-pasta is the easiest printing metal filament on the market and arguably the most fun and affordable as well.  How cool is the idea of creating a modern artifact?  The past and future collide with rusty metal 3d prints!  Don't forget the opportunity to incorporate magnetism into your prints as well!!!

Here are some more reasons why iron is awesome:

  • Weighted feel with 1.5x the density of standard PLA
  • Rustable to create modern artifacts in a few easy steps
  • Attracts magnets (neodymium type recommended for strongest attraction)
  • More thermally conductive than standard plastic
  • Prints easily like PLA with less nozzle wear than Steel or Carbon Fiber
  • More filament for your money - 2x the length of Bronzefill (500g Iron = 1kg Bronzefill)


What will you print?  Make sure to share and tag Proto_pasta on your favorite social media platform!  For more info, check out our product description and rusting instruction:

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World's Best Performing, Universally 3D Printable Carbon Fiber Filament

More than 2 years ago, ProtoPlant launched Proto-pasta brand 3D Printer filament through kickstarter, introducing the World's First Carbon Fiber for 3D Printing along side High Temperature PLA.  Since then, we've reformulated High Temperature PLA (HTPLA) for higher performance and improved ease of use.  Last week, we announced HTPLA-CF, a combination of these products into our highest performing PLA to date!  We're calling this a "super-material" because it is universally processable on third-party material accepting 3D Printers and it's performance far exceeds standard PLA as well as ABS and PET-like materials!!!  We're always excited, but extra excited about what this material is capable of.  From accurate, stable, high performing prototypes to durable, stiff drone parts ready for a hot day on the tarmac - all from a renewable bio-plastic.  Can't wait to explore the many functional applications!  Just introduced, try it here and use the code WORLDSBESTCF to save $10/spool this month only!!!
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