Local Resale

A big part of making 3D Printing more interesting and useful, through improved access to unique materials is being able to find Proto-pasta where you shop.  We receive regular inquiries about reselling Proto-pasta filaments (inquire here).

OEM Printer Manufacturers - LulzbotPrintrbotSeeMeCNC, Type A Machines, 3D Maker World
Australia - Bilby 3D
Brazil - 3D Criar
Denmark - 3DStore.dk
Germany - FilaFarmFilament World
Malaysia - GTAC Enterprises
Mexico - MakerMex
Norway - 3DNet
Poland - 3D Filamenty
Portugal - filament2print
South Korea - ReLab
Taiwan - 3DMart

Partnerships, such as with 3D Hubs, give access to more materials through more communities with more printers.