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Material Technical Data Sheets

(click on image to open TDS)

Translucent / Sparkly HTPLA 

TDS for all HTGL, HTMP, and HTP2 SKU's 

Opaque (v3) HTPLA

TDS for all HTP3 colors

Carbon Fiber HTPLA

TDS for all High Temp Carbon Fiber shades


Original Carbon Fiber PLA

TDS for all Original Carbon Fiber

Matte Fiber HTPLA

TDS for all Matte Fiber products 

Copper Alloys HTPLA

TDS for Brass Fill, Bronze Fill, and Copper Fill

Magnetic Iron PLA

TDS for Iron PLA

Stainless Steel PLA

TDS for Steel PLA

Electrically Conductive PLA

TDS for Conductive PLA