Flexible Glass Build Plate (kit)

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Add a little flex to your platform & parts peel right off!

Finally found the right combination of glue or tape to make prints stick to your build platform?  Maybe you love BuildTak, but your 3D Prints stick too well and you are replacing your print surface too often after damaging it with aggressive part removal.

Add a little flex to your build platform with our Flexible Glass Build Plate that compliments your favorite first layer adhesion method. Stiff, flat, and secure while printing, you can ditch your raft and give the plate a little flex when the print is finished.  Most parts "peel" right off! It's *heated bed compatible* too!!!

For parts too flexible or thin to peel, like a brim, don't worry about scraping too hard.  This build plate's surface is super resilient. Just wash and re-apply glue after finicky part removal. Do make sure the glue is thoroughly applied and allowed to dry (the color will turn from purple to clear)! If you part surface does get damaged, you can sand it, apply BuildTak, or flip the plate over for additional life.

Purchase 2 or more for maximum up-time on your printer.  Your machine can already be running again while you are cleaning off your previous build!

Here is what we include in the kit:

  1. 1 - 0.0625" (1.6mm) thick flexible glass build plate good to 140C
  2. 4 - 5/8" x 1-1/4" medium binder clips for basic platform retention
  3. 1 - 0.26 oz disappearing purple glue stick for first layer adhesion
  4. 1 - 1/2" square of thin foil tape for induction sensor type bed leveling

*Caution - this build plate thickness will affect your leveling.  Be sure to perform a first layer height adjustment before installing your Flexible Glass Build Plate!  Foil tape is included for machines with automatic leveling using induction type sensors (like Printrbot).  Placing foil on top of the build plate where the sensor levels can help compensate for plate thickness more easily.  Also, when using binder clips to hold down the platform, know the path of your print head to strategically place your clips to avoid collision with the print head nozzle.

There are so many machines and platform sizes. If you don't see the right size for your printer, please contact us and we will add additional sizes!

Here is a quick demonstration of a well-stuck part, built flat and easily peeled from the build surface:

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