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Mystery Transitions HTPLA


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What are Mystery Transitions? #mysteryfill #willyoupeek

Mystery transitions are intentionally imperfect pasta that is just about perfect. In embracing our creative potential, we're carefully crafting one-of-a-kind transitions by hand for world's most unique filament. If that wasn't fun enough, before each unique spool leaves production, it's wrapped in an opaque bag with only a diameter label, waiting for an exciting reveal by you.

Each spool is a perfect mystery, but all spools are HTPLA, safely and easily printable with no abrasive fillers or bad odors.  With so many color possibilities, who knows what colors you'll discover? What I do know is you'll feel inspired as you uncover unexpected colors that have never before and will never again be created!

After unwrapping your pasta to reveal the outermost color, #willyoupeek to see what's in store for the rest of the spool or let your print reveal the colors to you? Share your unique-to-you #mysteryfill filament and prints with us on social!