High Performance HTPLA (sample)

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Easy PLA-like printing with better-than-PLA performance.

High Performance HTPLA is stronger and tougher than standard PLA plus it can be "heat treated" for "higher temperature" resistance than PLA, ABS, and co-polyesters like PETG.  Parts printed in HTPLA are more durable, with better strength and form to higher temperatures than those printed in PLA.  More about our HTPLA variants:
  • Translucent HTPLA - The colors Iridescent Ice and Silver Smoke are beautiful and impact resistant as printed, but change from translucent to opaque when heat treated.  Heat treating at 110C for an hour improves strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance but can also create shrinkage and distortion.
  • Aromatic Coffee HTPLA - Prints and heat treats like other HTPLAs but adds the invigorating scent and brilliant bronze tone of coffee.  Just try it, and you'll understand why printing should smell good!
  • Carbon Fiber HTPLA - Stiff like CFPLA plus strength and temperature resistance like HTPLA with less shrink and warp side effects when heat treating!  HTPLA-CF is World's Best CF!!!

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