Freedom4All Transition HTPLA 2018 Special Edition


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Celebrating the creative freedom of independent manufacturers!

Transition filament! Need I say more?  Well yes, probably...

Made from the highest quality ingredients, this filament requires 4 times our typical manpower to produce, but isn't the result striking? Packed full of stars and stripes, this transition filament is actually a combination of four popular filaments, Joel Telling's Highfive Metallic Blue, CHEP's Candy Apple Metallic Red, Abuzz Design's favorite "OG" Stardust Original Glitter, and Classic Opaque White. Core to outside, a 500g spool transitions once from red to white to blue with lots of sparkles throughout!  It's our first go at production of transitions, so we aren't passing on the extra labor cost to you. In return, we ask for your kind, but constructive feedback!

Thanks for making with us, Alex and the Proto-pasta team

P.S. This is a limited edition with limited stock in 1.75mm only and not intended for resale. Sold on a cardboard spool with sides, but compatible with Masterspool v4 with 500g adaptor ( if you want to remove the sides and see the transition.

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