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Double Espresso Metallic Brown HTPLA

4 reviews HTPM1705-DEB

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Premium filament for world-class quality, finish & performance.

  • Automotive-inspired metallic finish for layer-hiding texture without finishing.
  • High performance HTPLA with stability up to 160C (320F) after heat-treating.
  • Adaptable to most PLA-compatible 3D printers accepting 3rd party materials.
  • Crafted in the USA with consideration for man, machine & the environment.
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      Mia L.
      Really amazing finish and detail

      I've done a few prints now with the metallic filaments and absolutely love the outcomes. Layers are looking tight and smooth with no warping - as is always the case with protopasta's htpla. Recommendation for the metallics: don't sand if you can help it. At .14mm layer height, the finished prints really don't need it. The metallic finish is lost despite polishing. However, the metallic espresso takes on a beautiful walnut wood finish. However, the Protopasta guys suggested using a torch to bring the metals back up. So I'll test that out sometime. I still need to dial in the settings (Cura with Lulzbot Taz 6). There's a bit of stringing happening between tree supports and the eyelashes of my sculpture, but Chris recommended adjusting the flow a tad instead of the heat settings. I did reduce the default temp to 215 and printing temp to 220. The temp default settings in Cura are 220 and 225. Project: custom eyes with no base and tricky eyelashes Layer height: .14mm Speed: 40 Top/bottom speed: 40 Wall line count: 4 Wall thickness 4 Retraction: 1.2 Infill density: 20% Printing from SD card and no pimples with high amazing detail.

      Rosalee M.
      United States
      Fantastic Replacement For Coffee

      Prints nicely at 220c and about 75mm/s. We can push this material faster and it still prints clean for us. Double Espresso looks fantastic with Gold Fleck, or Stardust, or Candy Apple Red, or Cloverleaf, or anything you want to pair it with! We were really sad when Proto-Pasta had stopped making their Coffee infused filament. After bugging them a lot we think we might have had part in influencing them to come out with another brown filament. This material isn't an ugly brown or just a brown, it's the brown you use to make nice prints to compliment your living room furniture. The shimmer makes it look magical while still feeling earthy. The color is also great for making Boho inspired jewelry. Looks great paired with real wood.

      nicholas s.
      Gorgeous Coffee Color!

      This is a gorgeous color, truly an "espresso" if I've ever seen one! Prints just like other Pasta at 230c and slow around 40mm/s. Definitely works well once heat treated with a very low shrink and expansion ratio. If printing on a Prusa MK3, turn off the fillament sensor! It doesnt like the glitter!

      Jacquelyn D.
      United States
      Good gift

      Person who received it was very happy with it