Composite PLA (sample)

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Try our popular Carbon Fiber, Steel, Iron & Conductive PLAs.

Often called exotics or specialty materials, Proto-pasta is best know for it's Composite PLA which include the original Carbon Fiber PLA with it's iconic matte black finish.  More about our composite filaments:
  • The Original Carbon Fiber PLA - The most popular of 3 materials we kickstarted 3 years ago.  Many people's favorite material to print.  The consistent quality and matte finish help layer lines disappear!
  • Polishable Stainless Steel PLA - High density parts with similar density to Aluminum.  Printed parts have a matte, cast metal appearance but can also be sanded, brushed, and polished.
  • Rustable Magnetic Iron PLA - Antique. Patina. Not a terms often used in plastic 3D Printing.  Iron PLA prints easily like PLA and is our most fun material to finish!  Create a modern artifact or something that attracts magnets and can interact with inductive sensors.  Fun for engineers and artisans alike!!!
  • Electrically Conductive Graphite PLA - Whether creating devices with touch capacitance or designing low current circuits to light LEDs, this material has the potential to energize new ideas!

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