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BEAM Filament Fundraiser


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Support BEAM with Filament for PPE in Seattle.

***This is a fundraiser and purchases with this filament in the cart will not be shipped to you. Do not combine with items you do not wish to donate to BEAM. All filament will be shipped to BEAM.***

Puget Sound members of the BEAM are 3D printing components for face shields.  These 3D printed components are being donated to local makerspaces and hospitals who are handling the assembly into a complete face shields.  This employee run group is using personal resources on their own time to support the Seattle area PPE need.  By purchasing a roll of filament you are supporting this groups effort and helping offset their personal out of pocket expenses.

They have selected back-to-basics 4043D PLA filament for the best value in this time of need. This filament will be delivered in bulk on cardboard spools to minimize environmental impact and maximize value. Many filaments are wound onto wasteful plastic spools because it's cheap and easy, but cardboard is sturdy enough for single use, saves shipping weight, and is easily recycled when done! Proto-pasta filament is first dried, then extruded without moisture using air cooling for exceptional quality. Minimal waste, no water use, and no additives because less is more when meeting basic needs.

Print like standard PLA and enjoy standard discounts for loyalty and bulk purchases. For printing help, consider our getting started guide. For the latest news and discounts, subscribe to our email newsletter. When you purchase Proto-pasta, you can feel good about supporting small business, future innovation, the environment, and hard working folks that love 3D Printing, technology, and tinkering as much as you do!