Everyday PLA

$4.00 USD

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Experience the difference Proto-pasta quality makes for free!

Everyday PLA is our first product designed for everybody!  You might find it useful if:
  • Your printer was delivered with poor quality filament.  See what a difference top quality Proto-pasta filament can make!
  • You're not sure your printer is working right.  Use our PLA for troubleshooting.  If you can't print this PLA, something is wrong.  If it's wrong, save money getting it right!
  • You're still tuning your printer.  Our PLA is easy printing, reliable, and inexpensive.  A great baseline!
  • You need a dependable workhorse to support your prototype production, internal R&D, invention ideas, or favorite hobby like cosplay, R/C, or drones?  Everyday PLA offers a no-frills printing experience at a great price without sacrificing quality or creating unnecessary waste.

Purchase includes free STL download of Maker the ProtoGnome - ideal for sample printing!

Use the code FREEPLA at checkout for a free sample or purchase a spool here.

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