Reseller Support

Already an approved reseller? Visit our RESELLER COLLECTION to shop for case quantities of our popular materials using your discount code.
So you share our passion for the Proto-pasta brand and operate a verifiable storefront? Great! Please do not apply if we can't verify your 3D Printing Industry involvement. Not sure or have questions? Please contact us first!
 Follow these steps to become an approved Proto-pasta Reseller:
    1. Complete and "submit" the Proto-pasta Reseller Application below.
    2. Our team will review your application to make sure you match our criteria which includes having a verifiable 3D Printing storefront.  If you don't have a verifiable storefront, please contact us to discuss.
    3. If approved, we will add you to our reseller email list, send you an introductory e-mail, and offer you competitive discounts on items in our Reseller Collection.
    4. Think you should be on the list and haven't heard from us?  Maybe you don't have an active website or verifiable storefront?  We don't mean to leave you out, contact us so we can talk about it!

Many thanks for your interest and support, The Proto-pasta Team