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If you're following this link, you've received one of Protopasta's six new Matte Fiber Wood colors featured in Maker Box. We chose Mahogany, but which wood would you choose? Browse all of our Matte Fiber Colors including woods here.

What materials would you choose to compliment a beautiful wood finish? Metal? Marble? Save 10% off Matte, Metal, and Marble with the discount code MAKERBOX. With some many pastabilities, your only limit is creativity. We're here to support any printing challenges and help get you to a good result.

Like wood, Matte Fiber is rigid and absorbs moisture. It's these 2 characteristics that can make printing more challenging. Fear not, an exceptional result is possible! Here are some parameters that balance of quality, speed, and reliability:

Machine(s): Prusa MK2/3, Creality Ender 3
Nozzle: 0.4 mm standard brass w/ sock
Nozzle Temp: 205 C      Bed Temp: 60 C      Bed Type: Glass, PEI, BuildTak, or other
Bed Prep: Clean w/ water or alcohol; Magigoo for additional adhesion + easy release when cool

Outlines: 3      Top/Bot layers: 6     Infill type: Lines     Infill: 25%    
Overlaps: 0     Min layer time: 0     Min Speed: 0          Fill gaps: no     Expansion: 0

Layer height Ext width Speed Fan
 1st Layer 0.20mm 0.50mm 20mm/s 0%
Rest of print 0.15mm 0.45mm 30mm/s 40-60%


Matte Fiber can create beautiful, rigid parts that don’t even look 3D printed. Like wood, Matte Fiber does not bend much before breaking. Please don’t use excessive force when loading and printing. Matte Fiber also absorbs moisture like wood, and should be printed at the lowest possible temperature and with less than 100% flow as required to minimize stringing, over-extrusion, and jamming.

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