Featured in June 2019 Maker Box: Dark Gray Carbon Fiber HTPLA

You've gotta love 3D printed Carbon Fiber. The feel. The finish.

Dark Gray Carbon Fiber HTPLA has the same great properties as our Black Carbon Fiber including exceptional stiffness, low shrinkage when heat treating for high temperature resistance, and an iconic layer-hiding finish! Enjoy this Maker Box featured material and click here to see our entire range of gray-scale carbon fibers!

Want to learn more about Dark Gray specifically or order a spool? click here (and be sure to consider the additional, helpful resources on the "click for more" tab). Want to try more filaments without buying an entire spool? Consider our 50g coils at Proto-pasta.com or subscribe to Maker Box for a variety of hand-picked, curated filaments from Proto-pasta and many other filament brands.

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