Endless Pastabilities Landing Page

This is it! You received your first Endless Pastabilities delivery! Now let's discuss what's inside...

Subscription contents

Inside you'll find 3 colorful HTPLA coils with a beautiful "Satin Sheen" finish we've been internally referring to as Charlie, Martin, and Emilio (cyan, magenta, and yellow, respectively). Yes, the Sheen family. But don't get too attached to those names because we want you to name them!

Now before you unseal and unwrap your coils, let's talk some more about the contents and getting started for the best possible printing experience!

Aside for the fun stickers and yummy candy, you've got filament and a special gift made locally in Portland, Oregon by Trash Hackers Collective. Each key chain is uniquely crafted from re-processed Proto-pasta filament waste. For more about our collaboration, read the press release.

The filament is inspired by workshop colors created by Kevin "Wirekat" Thomas and his son, Avery. Find out more about the Proto-pasta Experience Filament-making Workshop, watch the video where Kevin makes an appearance. Kevin and Avery inspired some beautiful colors, but, again, we'd love for you to name them in an upcoming contest!

Now let's get to the tech details! We've prepared some extra guidance to help make your printing experience as top notch as the provided filament! Let's start by considering how to unpack, handle, and get your loose coils onto a spool with this informative blog by Keith.

The above loose coil handling instruction is part of our larger, "Getting Started with Proto-pasta PLAs including HTPLA" guide. Consider the guide, and learn more about how we suggest getting off on the right foot with Proto-pasta.

Love the subscription? Let us know! Write a review., share your prints on social (including Twitter and Instagram), or spread the love by telling everyone you know where to find us! Stay tuned because we're just getting started with so much more fun to come!!!