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Imperfect Pasta - HTPLA 2nds


Sale price $29.99 USD Regular price $49.99 USD

What is Imperfect Pasta? #imperfectpasta

Not all pasta is perfect, but if the diameter is good, it's worth printing!  Imperfect Pasta is a factory 2nds catch-all that includes:

  • Shorts
  • Off-color
  • Transitions
  • Development
  • Discontinued
  • Unreleased
  • Damaged packaging
  • Overstock
Each spool is uniquely imperfect, often filled with mystery and intrigue. All are HTPLA and printable with no abrasive fillers (no special nozzle required).  Some may be valued or cherished more than others, but all are available at a discount with a minimum amount of filament as described and often times, much more.

So how much do you get?  50-100g for $3, 350-700g for $19.99 & 700-1000g+ for $29.99.

Great, so what can you use Imperfect Pasta for?  All the stuff you would normally print with Proto-pasta.  Not the aesthetic you had hoped for?  Well, how about some reliable prototype printing?  Or how about some cosplay pieces that will be painted anyway?  Who knows, maybe you'll discover a cherished, one-of-a-kind color or a new application where color doesn't matter.  In either case, you won't know until you get some!

However you choose to enjoy Imperfect Pasta, get it while it lasts!  It's World's Best deal on Proto-pasta.  Quantities are limited, but will be restocked at random so check often!!!  And don't forget to tag us with your prints :-) #imperfectpasta