Recycled Matte Fiber PLA

$49.99 USD

Recycled! Compare to Matte Fiber HTPLA

“Since 2013, Protopasta has valued quality, reliability, and creativity. We seek to reduce waste in our production and build relationships in our community.”

We’ve taken many steps over the years to ensure our commitment to these values. The next phase of this commitment is finally here: Recycled PLA! We’ve collected our high-quality waste stream and turned it into high-quality recycled filament.

  • An ultra-rigid, light-weight composite with low-gloss & defect-hiding texture that can be easily sanded or coated for finishing
  • Waste stream is a mix of Matte Fiber colors & supply is limited
  • Compounded for single color/batch, but batch color may vary
  • Designed & produced by Protoplant exclusively for you
  • Special note - absorbed moisture acts as foaming agent to grow extrusion volume. Print at lowest possible temperature (200-205 C) & reduce flow setting (80-90% or as required) to reduce extrusion volume/width for accurate parts. Wear resistant nozzle NOT required.


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For more about how to print HTPLA, consider our getting started guide.

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Recycled Matte Fiber PLA prints like Matte Fiber HTPLA and requires the same special consideration when printing. A composite made with plant fibers, Matte Fiber absorbs moisture and that moisture foams the material to create an increase in volume when printing. This foaming effect means more volume of material comes out than went in, and thus requires a lower flow setting to get the expected extrusion volume (and width). The benefit is that you both use less material and create lighter weight parts for the same cross-section compared to standard PLA or even PETG. With 85% flow (80-90% is typical with low 200-205 C printing temperature), Matte Fiber's density is reduced to about 1.00 g/cc from 1.20 g/cc for parts that are stiff like Carbon fiber, but light like Nylon (and with a high heat resistance if heat treated HTPLA). It's a bit tricky, but also a great trick and useful feature once you understand how to compensate for the over-extrusion. We suggest constant volume print parameters (same speed in all extrusion (print) movements for the most consistent extrusion width, and we calibrate extrusion width by printing a single wall part for measurement to adjust flow. For more on this, please consider our support page and blog. If you still need help, please email

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