Back-to-basics Clear 100% Post-industrial Recycled PETG

Recycled PETG Filament

$34.99 USD


No sparkles or fancy finishes here, just good-as-new, single-source 100% post-industrial recycled PETG (also know as CPE or co-polyester) resin extruded into filament and spooled onto cardboard spools to minimize environmental impact and maximize value. Many filaments are wound onto wasteful plastic spools because it's cheap and easy, but cardboard is sturdy enough for single use, saves shipping weight, and is easily recycled when done! Proto-pasta filament is first dried, then extruded without moisture using air cooling for exceptional quality. Minimal waste, no water use, and no additives because less is more when meeting basic needs.

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Kenneth W.
United States United States
Easy to print with and very strong

I really like printing with this filament. It sticks to the print bed, the layers adhere very well, and the finished print is very strong. The transparency is good. Its more clear than I expected for recycled material. The price is amazingly good for such a high quality filament. I will definitely by more when this spool runs out.

ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta Back-to-basics Clear 100% Post-industrial Recycled PETG Review
Douglas W.
United States United States
Bomb Pasta!

I love this stuff! It prints like a dream and I love that I don't get left with a useless plastic spool once I've used all my filament. As long as this stuff is available, I will continue buying it.

Kurt D.
United States United States
Excellent Filament

This filament prints extremely well and has in my opinion an even better finish than PLA. It is also semi-transparent, so it will let light through and you'll be able to see infill or partially through if you just print a thin wall. Overall it's a bit more clear and less beige than the PLA counterpart offered by Proto-pasta. It's likely with thin walls + sanding + epoxy you could get decent detail through this. Only problem is it maybe is a little too transparent going down on the bed it can be hard to see through a raspberry pi cam! As others have said, PETG sticks really well to your build plate. Using the stock Ender 3 plate I haven't had problems getting prints off though it does leave a little bit of a "ghost image" on the plate. Hasn't affected print quality or the plate at all and I haven't had to make much use of a scraper to get things off. I print at 225C hot end/70C bed and have been getting great results from the start. I like the environmentally friendly take of the cardboard spool which hasn't caused problems at all for me. Due to the high durability and temperature resistance of PETG and its ease of printing I will probably choose this over PLA going forward, except for maybe prototyping.

Jack B.
United States United States
Definitely lives up to the hype

I was bracing myself to have nothing but problems with this filament, and boy was I ever pleasantly surprised! It printed perfectly the first time with absolutely no fuss. I made a very minor z height adjustment while it was laying down the first layer and that was it. Printed with stock Prusa Mk3s, .4mm brass nozzle, 7x7 bed leveling, first layer 225/80, subsequent layers 210/85. First layer height .2mm, subsequent layers .3mm. Fan speed 30-50%, fan off for first three layers, 50% for bridges. Speed was 50mm/s for perimeters, 80mm/s for infill. Long story short, I used the .3mm DRAFT setting and left pretty much everything default. The price point is spot on if you order enough to get free shipping. I also love the finished look. It prints super clean without black globs or stringing, and it has a very attractive opaque look to it, almost like frosted glass. All in all, I just couldn't be happier with it, and definitely plan to order lots more in the future.

carlos v.
United States United States
Great Stuff!

This petg prints very well and at a lower then normal PETG temps. I ran it at 215 and 70 for the bed. Printed well. Great price too!

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