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Protognome Pin


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In the spirit of giving back...

...we at Protoplant created a small token to help generate support for a few of our favorite charities. With every $5 purchase, $4 will be donated to one of the following:

Seattle Children's Hospital was brought to our attention by Joel Telling, @3DPrintingNerd. The amazing work they do with the children and families of Seattle, including those who can't pay, cannot be overlooked.

Girls Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to helping us rethink what a programmer looks like. Fewer than 1 in 5 programmers are female, and through nearly 10,000 clubs nationwide, Girls Who Code is committed to closing the gender gap.

eNable, based in Los Gatos, CA, provides 3d-printable, open-source prosthetics to children at no cost to the recipient. With more than 10,000 members in over 45 countries, they are truly enabling the future!

Thanks for supporting these charities with us!!