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3D Printing Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by ProtoPlant Makers of Proto-pasta on

3D Printing Holiday Gift Guide – What 3D Printers, Filament & Accessories to buy this Christmas!

Best 3D Printers (least to most expensive)

  • Easy-to-use & assembledM3D & Printrbot Play – Printing is more affordable than ever! Missed the M3D Kickstarter? Now you can buy it! Also, check out the heavier duty, more hacker-friendly Printrbot. - starting at $349.
  • Best open source kitSeeMeCnc Rostock Max – Want the fulfillment of building your own printer & enjoyment of watching a Delta style printer work? Look no further that SeeMeCnc! - $999
  • Best value assembledDremel Idea Builder & FlashForge Creator Pro – A proven printer design with lots of parts & upgrades plus the convenience of Amazon Prime shipping. – starting at $999
  • Best open source assembledLulzbot Mini & Taz 5 – Open source and industry leading. Luzbot offers a premium, professional 3D Printing experience & a good performance value. – starting at $1350
  • Go big or go homeRe3D Gigabot – Tired of the small stuff? Print big for less than you think. The new v3 Gigabot just released! Available in kit or assembled with various options. - starting at $8550


Must-have Accessories

  • Build preparation softwareSimplify3D – Hands down, the best upgrade for your printer & they just released a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. So helpful! - $149
  • Easy part removal - Peel-a-part Flexible Build Platform – Stop scraping & prying. - $33
  • Best exotics upgrade - Wear Resistant Nozzle – Trouble-free printing. – starting at $14.99
  • Multi-materialsThe Palette – More materials from a single nozzle. - $799


Unique & Interesting Filaments

  • Best exotic printing valueProto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA – World’s first (and best printing) carbon fiber 3D printing filament just got more affordable. Print everyday for that iconic, photo-ready matte finish. – starting at $29.99
  • Personal metal printingProto-pasta Stainless Steel & Magnetic Iron PLA – Unique aesthetic for the designer & artisan w/ interesting properties for the engineer. Metal printing on your desktop. - starting at $15
  • Durable, engineered partsProto-pasta High Temperature PLA & PC-ABS Alloy – Affordable printing of performance materials for standard & high performance printers. Print something useful. - $35
  • Electrified printingProto-pasta Conductive PLA – Integrate electricity into your prints without any special hardware or upgrades. Want to make a game controller, flashlight, or stylus? Prints like PLA. – starting at $15
  • Newest and most uniqueProto-pasta Aromatic Pine & Coffee – Missed September’s release of the industry’s first aromatic filament? Print with coffee and pine too with our special holiday release - starting at $35


Content – Models for 3D Printing

  • Best exclusive models - 3D Shook – a subscription-based model library w/ exclusive designs. Guaranteed printable w/ relevant themes, minimum 100 files are added/month. - free trial w/ code “protopasta”
  • Most creative models - 3D Kitbash – I can’t believe we just discovered these folks! They just completed another kickstarter & offer the most fun & interesting files - free & 10% off paid w/ code “protopasta”
  • Best Thingiverse alternative - Pinshape – Whether you’re taking a philosophical stand against Thingiverse or just don’t like the dated aesthetic, Pinshape is one of many easy on the eyes & the wallet alternatives. – free
  • Largest curated model collection - MyMiniFactory – An extensive collection w/ many free downloads & designer files available for purchase as well. A unique & growing platform w/ many contests. - free


3D Printing Services

  • Local 3D Printing - 3D Hubs – Have a printer with some extra time or aren’t ready to buy a printer? 3D Hubs has you covered! Make local connections & 3D prints – varies & $10 credit w/ link
  • Leading 3D Printing MarketplaceShapeways – Upload files, order prints. Real metal & durable plastic – varies


These recommendations are made in good fun & based on our still limited experience in an ever-growing/changing industry. Get out there, try something new & share your experience!

Peace, Love & Pasta from ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta