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The Amazing Matte Fiber

Proto-pasta founders, Dustin and Aaron Cram, lead the 3D Printing Industry by introducing Carbon Fiber and High Temp PLAs nearly 3 years ago.  Today, Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber is still a fan favorite for it's quality and iconic matte black finish, but what if you could get that Carbon Fiber look in colors and without special nozzles?

Introducing the latest innovation from the ProtoPlant team, Proto-pasta Matte Fiber HTPLA, a more colorful, lower wear alternative to Carbon Fiber.  Fall in love with that fiber texture and sheen all over again, but with more color choice and less nozzle wear.  It's a perfect match for your many sculptural, architectural, and technical parts.

The majority of 3D Printed parts are glossy and smooth, but the rest of our world has more texture and sheen variety.  Look around, on your desk, at home, and in your car.  What do you see?  More texture and less gloss than in 3D Printing, right?  Why shouldn't 3D printed parts have more texture and less gloss too?

Based on Proto-pasta's HTPLA resin, Matte Fiber HTPLA can be heat treated for higher temperature performance. The addition of plant-based fibers, reduces dimensional change during the heat treating process compared to standard HTPLA.  Matte Fiber HTPLA can also be smoothed by carving or shaving with a sharp edge as well as glued, sealed, and painted more easily than most plastic thanks to it's more wood-like characteristics.

Whether you use Matte Fiber HTPLA for it's beautiful as printed finish, or push the boundaries of possibility through heat treating, machining critical features, or sealing surfaces, and so on, you'll appreciate the many possibilities of Matte Fiber HTPLA.

This month only, the code MATTEFIBER gets you a $5 introductory discount on a spool of Matte Fiber HTPLA.

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World's Best Performing, Universally 3D Printable Carbon Fiber Filament

More than 2 years ago, ProtoPlant launched Proto-pasta brand 3D Printer filament through kickstarter, introducing the World's First Carbon Fiber for 3D Printing along side High Temperature PLA.  Since then, we've reformulated High Temperature PLA (HTPLA) for higher performance and improved ease of use.  Last week, we announced HTPLA-CF, a combination of these products into our highest performing PLA to date!  We're calling this a "super-material" because it is universally processable on third-party material accepting 3D Printers and it's performance far exceeds standard PLA as well as ABS and PET-like materials!!!  We're always excited, but extra excited about what this material is capable of.  From accurate, stable, high performing prototypes to durable, stiff drone parts ready for a hot day on the tarmac - all from a renewable bio-plastic.  Can't wait to explore the many functional applications!  Just introduced, try it here and use the code WORLDSBESTCF to save $10/spool this month only!!!
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The Proto-pasta brand celebrates 2 years since kickstarting!

ProtoPlant successfully kickstarted Proto-pasta brand filament by bringing 3 new 3D Printing materials to market, including World’s First Carbon Fiber PLA. Fulfilling the 500 backer rewards was 6 months of tedious work, during which we continued operating our traditional engineering services business to pay the bills. Over the past 1.5 years, we’ve pushed hard to transition nearly 100% of our business to 3D printing related activities.

This transition has not been without risks and challenges. As a small 3 man team, we’ve carefully allocated resources. It’s pretty special to have had the opportunity to follow our passions while making a notable impact in this still developing space!

We’ve standardized processes while maintaining flexibility in trying new things.  We’ve developed resale to far reaches of the world with representation in Argentina, South Africa, and Australia among others.  We’ve embraced the maker spirit through continued experimentation. Through this we’ve not sacrificed quality because if you can’t get good prints with our filament, what’s the point?

Besides creating unique filaments, our biggest differentiator is the equipment we use to do this. Proto-pasta is extruded on ProtoPlant designed and purpose-built extrusion systems.  Our machinery is custom made from the control software to diameter measurement, haul-off, and spooling.  Can any other filament manufacturer claim this?

We continue to improve and build more machinery while expanding our facility to meet your demand!  We promise to keep pushing the limits in creating new and interesting materials for your FFF style 3D printer!  Thanks kindly for your support!!!

Finally, stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Proto-pasta founders Dustin and Aaron Cram recalling their journey over the last 2 years.

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May is for Makers

Meet new employee Matt!
He recently joined the Proto-pasta team and brings production experience and plenty of enthusiasm.  A hands-on, self-learner, he is new to 3D Printing but is already very comfortable with the technology.  In joining the Maker Community, he has found his people!!!
Having never been to a Maker Faire, we decided to take a last-minute road trip from Portland, Oregon to San Mateo, CA and introduce Matt to Maker Faire.  What a great opportunity to catch up with fans and partners in the 3D Printing community!  Eyes wide open and jaw hanging in awe, Matt was overwhelmed by the many amazing 3D printers, CNCs, electronics, robots, weird vehicles and fire.
Yes, this was his utopia…here are a couple highlights from our visit to Bay Area Maker Faire:
Everyone loves big prints! One of the first things we saw in the 3D tent was the Gigabot 3D Printer.  Kickstarter funded, this machine has a 24” cube build area!  Epic!!!
This may be the future of 3D Printing technology. The pasta-bilities are truly endless with the capability to print with multiple colors and materials from a single extruder printer. Pictured is a dual material print of a transparent gear reinforced with a Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber PLA inner structure.  Chris at Mosaic said this gear is a Discovery Channel star!  Cheers to another Kickstarter funded project!!!
We couldn’t help but notice the impressive Ultimaker display in the Maker Shed tent.  The Ultimaker 2 has a clean look with precise 0.02 mm layer resolution and a highly acclaimed user experience.  Special thanks to Ultimaker for letting us test drive one!
Some things at Maker Faire are just plain terrifying.  This year, google armed a robot with a knife!  Luckily it was contained behind protective glass!!! The arm’s main action was to perform Bishop’s knife between the fingers trick from the 1979 movie, Alien.
At first glance, this is Origami with tape, but the amount of time and effort that went into their Maker Faire display alone must have taken an army of artists.  As I could never explain this, see for yourself in this photo.
Now who doesn’t want to have a giant mechanical suit to defend the planet with?  Well, thanks to Megabots, we’re getting much closer.  This 15-foot tall robot boasts 2 huge air cannons and is completely mobile.  Megabots is working to create a new sport where giant robots fight each other, which I hope will dominate our current world of entertainment!
This was an amazing first experience at Maker Faire and it will not be Matt’s last.  He sincerely enjoyed chatting with the many passionate Makers and can’t wait to see what’s new next year.  As we left the fairgrounds for the day, he couldn't help but look back at what might be the happiest place on Earth.
Cheers to you Matt!  Fellow Makers, use the code MAYISFORMAKERS for $10 off any purchase through Monday, June 1st.  Happy Making!!!
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Introducing the NEW Proto-pasta Spool!

Meet our new 500 g industry-leading design created by ProtoPlant specifically for 3D Printing filament.  It's good all the way to the core!

The new Proto-pasta Spool: Performance Optimized, Lightweight and Earth FriendlyWhat's cool about this spool?

  • It has a bigger core, which means happier filament (no more tight spirals when you reach the end of the spool)
  • It has a level window, so no more guessing how much filament is left, you can see it!
  • It's made from 100% recyclable pressed chipboard for a happier planet.
  • And it looks rad!!!

 After several design iterations ad prototypes, the spools are now headed to mass production. We're quite pleased with it, and hope you enjoy the improved printing and packaging experience!

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