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How-to — metal

Polishing Stainless Steel Prints: Wheel Polishing

Posted by Proto Plant on

For our first post in a series on finishing techniques, we'll be be talking about my personal favorite way to finish prints done with Stainless Steel PLA: using polishing compound and a polishing wheel. What You'll Need: A print made with Proto-pasta Stainless Steel PLA Bench Grinder, Rotary Tool, or Power Drill (if you don't have one of your own, you can likely find it at a nearby makerspace or rent one from a home repair shop) Polishing Compound (we used Fabulustre Cut and Polish Compound) Cotton buffing wheel compatible with the tool you will be using. Since we have a DeWALT bench grinder, we used this buffing wheel)....

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Rusting Prints: Saltwater Soaking Method

Posted by ProtoPlant Makers of Proto-pasta on

The coolest thing (I think) about our Magnetic Iron PLA is that you can rust prints made in this material! This gives a whole new look to 3D printed objects that is particularly great for cosplay, artifact replication, and decorative objects.

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