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Intro to Tuning: Carbon Fiber on the Ultimaker 2+

Posted by Gabe McGaffey on

First time using Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber HTPLA? Or maybe you've already discovered this excellent material and want to improve your printer's performance? It can be challenging, but with these tuning techniques and a little patience, you will be able to print stronger, more accurate, and precise parts.  The typical consumer 3D printer is a very complicated process packaged in a friendly-looking machine. Although we wish that achieving the advertised results was as simple as just hit "print!" unfortunately, It's not :( What we are shown can be misleading because as soon as your printing experience doesn't go how you envisioned it, it's easy to give...

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Improved Rusting Method for Iron Prints

Posted by ProtoPlant Makers of Proto-pasta on

Dustin shares an improved (and faster) method for rusting prints made with Magnetic Iron PLA!

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Polishing Iron PLA Prints...?

Posted by Proto Plant on

As I was polishing prints made with our Stainless Steel PLA for the last blog post on wheel polishing, I began to wonder if the same could be done with our Magnetic Iron PLA. After all, it also has powderized metal in it, why hadn't we tried to polish it already?I put this version of the famous Thingiverse owl to the test by attempting to polish it on the bench grinder with a polishing compound. The result was... a slightly shinier owl, but certainly not as impressively shiny as SSPLA after polishing. So can you polish iron prints? Kind of....

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